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Real-time market data at a fraction of the cost

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Receive real-time market data on indices, equities, futures and much more, which critically falls outside the ownership and licensing restrictions of the major exchanges benefiting both your business and your clients

The IS Prime real-time data platform provides independent real-time market data feeds, allowing clients to cut their market data fees with a highly cost-effective solution.

Improve your organization and client experience with affordable and easy-to-administer real-time market data as opposed to complex delayed market data frameworks.

Costs for real-time independent market data are significantly lower when using the IS Prime real-time data platform in comparison to the traditional market data providers. The IS Prime real-time data solution also reduces administrative complexities.

Provide a better service for clients with a faster and a more transparent service, while partnering with one of the most respected names in the market.

In times of fast-moving markets, independent and accurate real time data is of high importance to market participants for valuation, risk management, pricing and reporting purposes. 

We can provide the data you need – fast, easily accessible and in real-time. For more than 2.000 underlyings and over 1.8m financial instruments.

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