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22nd November

Sandeep Nanuwan Joins IS Prime from NatWest Markets

Sandeep Nanuwan has joined IS Prime’s Agency Execution team from ...

Retail FX Broker

7th July

Retail FX broker liquidity: a conversation with IS Prime’s Barry Flanigan

The topics of liquidity, risk management, and using the right ...

raj sitlani on IS Prime

29th June

Raj Sitlani on IS Prime’s growth as a liquidity provider

Alongside the amazing growth of overall trading volumes and activity ...

Liquidity Trends in 2022

9th June

Liquidity Trends in 2022: FX, Crypto, Volatility and More

Liquidity is a crucial requirement for any broker, let it ...

Ben Robinson Joins IS Prime

11th May

Finalto’s Head of Marketing, Ben Robinson Joins IS Prime

IS Prime, part of the ISAM Capital Markets Group, has ...

Prime of Prime

5th April

Driving the prime of prime industry forward

In this year’s edition of The Financial Technologist, featuring The ...

Time to stop misconceptions about prime

5th January

2022 – Time to Stop the Misconceptions About Prime of Primes

Liquidity providers are getting much stricter on where their liquidity ...

IS Prime Paul Jackson

25th November

IS Prime’s Paul Jackson on FX tech, growth plans, hedge funds, and more

FNG Exclusive Interview… Paul Jackson, Sales Director at IS Prime, ...

Understanding Sub Prime of Prime

10th November

Understanding Sub Prime of Prime

A noticeable trend has been the massive expansion of the ...

IS Prime Pushes Boundaries

28th October

IS Prime Pushes Boundaries to Help Clients Increase Revenue

IS Prime gained significant attention when it launched its updated ...

Why Flexibility Matters

28th September

Why Flexibility Matters – What IS Prime, IS Risk Analytics Can Offer You

IS Prime’s Jonathan Brewer and IS Risk Analytics’ Jeff Wilkins ...

IS Prime Launches New Index and Commodity Liquidity Offering

23rd September

IS Prime Launches New Index and Commodity Liquidity Offering, with Spreads Starting from Zero

IS Prime has launched a new liquidity solution in indices ...

IS Prime Graphs

18th August

SNB intervention in CHF – could history repeat itself?

There are few participants in the FX market who need ...

IS Prime Creates Variable Spread Indices and Oil

13th July

IS Prime Creates Variable Spread Indices & Oil

IS Prime has created a new spread index swap offering, ...

IS Primes Raj

9th July

Exclusive: IS Prime’s Raj Sitlani on MT5 white labels, managing COVID, and more

As the trading volumes (and number of new clients, products ...

IS Prime Global forex

4th June

IS Prime Wins 2021 Global Forex Award for Best Prime Trading Broker

IS Prime, part of ISAM Capital Markets Group, has won ...

IS Prime Offers Liquidity Via Fortex

29th April

IS Prime Offers Liquidity Via Fortex Trading Platform

IS Prime, part of ISAM Capital Markets Group, has integrated ...

IS Prime’s Eduard Poltavsky

21st April

Eduard Poltavsky Joins IS Prime from Refinitiv as Sales Director

Eduard Poltavsky has joined IS Prime’s institutional sales team from ...

IS Prime MT5 White Label

15th April

IS Prime Adds MT5 White Label Solutions

IS Prime, part of ISAM Capital Markets, has added MT5 ...

IS Prime’s Will Robbins

11th March

Exclusive: IS Prime’s Will Robbins on the Asia FX market

London based Prime-of-Prime institutional FX services provider IS Prime set ...

IS Prime Reactive Markets

1st March

IS Prime Launches New Multi-Asset Trading & Risk System with Reactive Markets

IS Prime, part of ISAM Capital Markets, has launched a ...

IS Prime Reports

11th February

IS Prime Expands Sales Team with Two New Appointments

IS Prime, part of ISAM Capital Markets, has expanded its ...

IS Prime Reports

22nd December

IS Prime Offers Liquidity Via FDCTech’s Condor FX Pro Platform

IS Prime, part of ISAM Capital Markets, has partnered with ...

IS Prime Reports

27th November

IS Prime Reports Impressive Growth

For the sixth consecutive year, IS Prime has reported impressive ...

CFD Market data

24th November

CFD Market Data … Boring but essential!

A key and often overlooked issue that we have been ...

IS Prime’s Operations

5th August

Getting it right from the start: Taking a constructive approach to client integration

Whenever a firm decides to work with a new Prime ...


24th July

Liquidation Risk: Have you assessed the impact on your firm?

As market volatility persists, brokers have become increasing vigilant monitoring ...

liquidity pools client flow

26th June

Why Client Flow Needs to Be Matched Against Appropriate Liquidity

In a follow-up to my recent post on Aggregation & ...

FX Influx

12th June

VIDEO – FX Liquidity: Virtual Vision Finance

Jonathan Brewer, Managing Partner at IS Prime, joins the ‘Virtual ...

re-evaluating prime-of-prime

5th June

Re-evaluating Prime of Prime

In the last year we have seen a dramatic fall ...

IS Prime Awards

5th June

IS Prime – Best Trade Execution (Prime of Prime) in Global Forex Awards 2020

5 June 2020 – IS Prime has been voted winner ...


26th May

Why copy trading needs to be carefully managed

Following IS Prime’s recent announcement about our partnership with Pelican ...


15th May

Aggregation & Spreads: The Race to Zero

Barry Flanigan, head of Electronic Trading Solutions (ETS) at IS ...

IS Prime Releases

27th April

IS Prime Releases Revolutionary UK & US Oil Index Rebased at 100

New products could potentially save brokers from losing millions of ...

Antony Tan

14th April

Antony Tan Joins IS Prime Hong Kong from Invast Global

Tuesday 14 April 2020 – IS Prime Hong Kong, part of ...

COVID 19 Working

27th March

COVID-19 – Working Like We’ve Never Worked Before

Like many firms across the Globe, the IS Prime team ...

Relationship Liquidity

11th March

“Relationship” Liquidity – Why it Matters

Recently, there have been some new offerings coming on to ...

Financial Times Ranks IS Prime

3rd March

Financial Times Ranks IS Prime as the 15th Fastest Growing Financial Services Company in Europe

London headquartered IS Prime is the 15th fastest growing financial services ...

Most influential financial tech companies

28th February

IS Prime Named in List of Most Influential FinTech Companies 2020

IS Prime has been named one of the world’s most ...

Three Layers of Defense

25th February

Three Layers of Defense Against Toxic Flow

In previous blog posts we have discussed how traders sometimes ...

IS Prime gets SFC

5th February

IS Prime gets Hong Kong SFC licence

IS Prime Hong Kong, part of ISAM Capital Markets, has ...

Workflow Optimisation - FX Brokers

13th December

Workflow optimisation, essential for FX brokers

Good workflow and optimisation go hand in hand. Indeed, the ...

Why optimising FX Risk management requires a global view

5th December

Why optimising FX risk management requires a global view

What makes the difference between success and failure in the ...

How retail FX Brokers can optimise

29th November

How retail FX brokers can optimise across jurisdictions

When the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) introduced its ...

Customised vs commoditised

22nd November

Customised vs Commoditised: Optimise your FX liquidity

In this article we explore best practices on liquidity management ...

IS Prime Reports

8th November

IS Prime Reports Strong Financials for the 5th Consecutive Year

IS Prime has reported continued growth, with a 60% increase ...

Redefining Prime of Prime

30th October

(Re)Defining Prime of Prime – How well do you know your FX Liquidity Provider?

Liquidity is one of, if not the most important parts ...

IS Prime x Tradair

21st August

IS Prime Connects to TradAir for Price Distribution

August 21 2019, London and New York – Award winning ...

True Prime of Prime

7th August

“True Prime of Prime” adds no value at all

When I sat on a panel at the FX Week ...

IS Prime FX Week

15th July

IS Prime Wins FX Week Award for Best Prime of Prime Provider 2019

12 July 2019 – IS Prime has been named Best Prime ...

IS Prime Aggregator

3rd July

Is Your Aggregator a Curse Rather Than A Blessing?

In 2015, I wrote an opinion piece about the inherent ...

Spot Gold Trading - IS Prime

28th June

Spot Gold Trading – All that Glitters…

Since early May this year, gold prices have been increasing ...

1000 companies to inspire - IS Prime

26th June

IS Prime identified in London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ 2019 report

Report identifies fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium sized ...

Winner of BEST FX Prime of Prime

21st June

IS Prime, leading the way in institutional Prime of Prime

Today we were delighted to learn that IS Prime has ...

Manage Risk with IS Prime

12th June

Don’t Manage Risk in a Vacuum

Imagine the situation… you are sitting on the trading desk ...

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